Local, reclaimed demolition and building materials that have been collected from sites we have worked on, are sorted, cleaned and properly screened for hazardous waste materials. The waste materials are then repurposed by our experienced team at Putnam Construction Services.

Everyone benefits!

By using local quality recycled materials, it greatly helps the environment, decreases our carbon footprints and saves money on having to source for new raw materials for your building project.

Our team offer free advice and guidance and point out great benefits of selecting recycled materials for your project. We care about our environment by making sure we protect it along the way by always trying to reduce our carbon emissions as much as possible. We also take precautions to make sure the environment is kept as clean and damage free as possible.

Crushed concrete

A renowned and durable building material that is used in many types of projects.

After a building has been demolished, we skillfully separate the concrete from the rest of the debris and crush it onsite by grinding it into small pieces using jaw, cone or impact crushers. By crushing it onsite, costs are kept low and it means we can get the materials to you faster, speeding up the time scale on your project not having to wait around for deliveries.


At Putnam Construction Services we have a wide range of organic, high quality, preblended topsoil mixes which are made up to your exact needs and specifications according to the project you are working on. The blends are full of nutrients, peat free and free of any contamination. We create combinations of healthy composts and sands in our own soil recycling plant so whatever application you need the topsoil for, we can deliver!

  • Building up of golf courses
  • Improving soil after extensive building works
  • Turf ground and surfaces
  • Sports pitch construction and renovation
  • All types of planting requirements
  • Sowing grass beds
  • Filling of containers
  • Landscaping projects for commercial and residential purposes
  • Building soil borders and raised beds around your garden

Our high quality British standard soil is monitored and tested for compliance and we take precautions so as not to pollute the air any more than necessary when our soils are being mixed. We have vast experience in getting the blends just right for every application so call us today to order your perfect mix of topsoil.

Sand, gravel, and shingle are also collected from sites, cleaned and recycled along with timber, crushed glass and steel.
We reuse as much of the waste we collect as possible and we take the waste products to a waste management facility for processing.

Recycling is part of who we are and with our vast experience, you are in safe hands with the team at Putnam Construction Services.

For all your recycled aggregates, or for free helpful advice, contact our professional and friendly team today on 0800 999 8700.