Putnam Construction Services are specialists in bulk excavations so give us a call today on 0800 999 8700!
For large scale projects, we will make sure the excavation work is completed as quickly as possible, in a timely manner, ready for your new project to begin.

We understand that all excavation projects are unique. One excavation project is never the same as another and that is why we work very closely with our clients to ensure our team are fully aware of what needs to be done to make the excavation process successful. Plans need to be adhered to and understand before we get started.

We do not use any outside labour, our experienced team handle the whole of your project from initial enquiry through to completion. We use our own excavators, reliable machinery and modern tools to clear the site first of all of large trees, rocks and other debris. Soil will then be added to build up the site wherever needed, with the minimum of ease from our experienced team.

Specific heights and levels will be adhered to, to meet the individual specifications of your construction or development project.

Our team have completed many excavation works and have a wealth of experience in handling such projects so you can rest assured we know what needs to be done.

Once we have cleared your site, we will recycle as much of the waste materials as possible for other projects. At Putnam Construction Services we are eco conscious, always looking at ways to decrease our carbon footprint and helping our environment at the same time.

We have a reliable team of professional excavators who are fully licensed to carry out numerous earthworks executions so, no matter what is to be done onsite, we offer a professional and efficient service every time.

From site clearance to groundworks, we guarantee a smooth transition so give Putnam Construction Services a call today on 0800 999 8700.